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How utilising technologies brought Alimoglu many prestigious projects

The Alimoglu Marble Granite Company has been in operation for nearly 80 years – but they’ve already provided natural stone to projects that will keep their legacy at the forefront of Turkish history for millennia to come.

Based out of two factories in Denizli and İzmir, the family-run business provided product to the awe-inspiring Ankara ANITKABIR – the memorial tomb to and mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the leader of the Turkish War of Independence and the founder and first President of the Republic of Turkey.

Held dearly by the Turkish people, the ANITKABIR is one of the country’s most culturally significant landmarks, which can draw in excess of one million visitors a day.

Alimoglu are proud of the role they played in supplying the huge build with some of its stone.

These two images show the stone Alimoglu Marble Granite Company supplied to the ANITKABIR mausoleum in Ankara, Turkey. They will be exhibiting at this September’s Middle East Stone

But while they admit that it is of great honour to provide their product to such an iconic, historical mausoleum, the team admit that if it hadn’t have been for their early adoption of new stone manipulating technologies, then the opportunity may well not have presented itself.

Ahead of exhibiting at Middle East Stone 2018, the company said: “We were established by the first generation of our family about 70 years ago

“In 1940, we began mining operations in Denizli Travertine Quarry and soon after built our first factory in Afyon Bacakale, to allow us to start the manufacturing process. We took advantage of the latest modern technologies for qualified production, and imported gangsaw machines from Germany.

The firm – which was first founded in 1940 – provides interior and exterior stone solutions to projects of all sizes

“After a while, the fast production that modern machines motivated allowed us to sign on for prestigious projects, like the ANITKABIR and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.”

Since then, Alimoglu have increased the capacity of their production to modernize the technological infrastructure by taking over a factory in Izmir in 1989. It is now home to their processing department – and has enhanced their export abilities by having the advantage of being housed within a port city.

With such illustrious Turkish projects already under their belt, the company are now focused on international supply of their stone, and – through their work with wholesalers and retailers – have played vital roles in supplying top quality stone to successful, important projects doted all over the world.