25 - 28 November 2019

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Aysan Maden

Aysan Marble have been in the marble industry since 1988. Born in Marmara Aysan Marble is the main supplier of marble and are operating from their new marble factory in the province of Balikesir in Bandirma.

They are known by their credibility and quality in Marmara Marble. At the same time they export to many countries such as USA, Italy, Oman, Iran, Algeria, Morocco etc.

Marmara Equator (Ecuador) Marble:

Marmara Equador is a one of the unique types of marble that is extracted from Marmara Island in Balikesir. It fulfills the qualiy standards of the TS EN 1469 and TS EN 12058.

Marmara Equador marble is mostly preferred in high hygiene requiring surfaces and interiors (like Turkish baths, bathrooms, flooring) because of high level of Sulphur minerals in its composition.

Marmara Panda Marble

Marmara Panda (Marmara White) is another marble variety that is extracted from Marmara Island in Balikesir. It fulfills the quality standards of the TS EN 1469 TS EN 12058.
This marble variety known as the Marmara Panda in the market and is available in different color tones such as classic, striped, white, gray and silver.

Marmara Dolomite Marble

Marmara Dolamite is preferred in many projects because of its high percentage of white background and tiny crystalized body structure.

It is mainly used in interior spaces and also used in fireplaces, main columns etc. White Dolomite Marble is mainly exported to America and Arabic countries.