25 - 28 November 2019

11:00 - 19:00 Daily

Dubai World Trade Centre



Welcome to the colourful world of ceramic bricks. Brickburgers is the leading supplier and producer of high-quality ceramic bricks and brick slips. They keep plenty of stock and guarantee quick delivery, anywhere in the world. But are also down to earth, friendly, approachable, and always professional, service-oriented and innovative. 

Brick Burgers' decorative ceramic brick products lend colour and warmth to the built-up environment!

Clay Brick slips are 2-cm thick slices of original facing bricks. This gives them the same positive characteristics as facing bricks. An additional advantage of brick slips is they are light and easy to process. Brickburgers B.V. can supply brick slips in various colours and sizes, for both outdoor and indoor application. When applied outside to your façade, the minimal thickness of the brick slips has the advantage that no changes need to be made to the specifications of rooms and windows, avoiding high alteration costs. When installed indoors the modest thickness prevents loss of precious space. When pointed, brick slips look identical to regular brick work.