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Franken-Schotter produces and delivers around 2 million tonnes of natural stone products each year – from finished products such as sophisticated wall claddings, floor, tiles, stairs, gardening products, massive stone works and gabions to slabs, blocks and gravel materials.

Franken-Schotter's natural stones are Dietfurt Jura Limestone,Jura Limestone and Dietfurt Dolomite that are extracted only from their very own quarries.

Four quarries with a total mining area of more than 260 hectares are owned and operated by Franken-Schotter. They operate three natural stone factories, equipped with cutting edge technology from leading manufacturers. About 60% of Franken-Schotter's business is by exporting to more than 50 countries world-wide.     


Dietfurt Limestone Gala®

This durable limestone is frost-resistant and will hold up in all weather conditions making it an ideal stone for gardening and landscaping. It can be used for virtually any application from exterior paving, stone walls, custom stone works as well as massive stairs.
Stone pieces can be made in almost any size allowing designers to create large massive pieces. A wide array of visual appearances can be achieved with the utilization of different finishes allowing for more options to realize visions. Rough finishes allow for enhanced slip resistance making the stone ideal to be used for exterior paving and around pools.

For more information: www.franken-schotter.com