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With craftsmanship knowledge from generations of quarrying, Lundhs AS was founded by Thor Lundh in 1962. The company, owned by the Lundh and Treschow family, is Norway’s leading exporter of natural stone.  Most known is the unique Larvikite, only found in the south of Norway. Larvikites, from the LUNDHS Real Stone range, have been used in many well-known landmarks around the world, from tall buildings in New York, to shopfronts in London, famous hotels and stylish kitchens. All LUNDHS Real Stone materials can be traced from quarry to end-user and every material comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

LUNDHS Royal kitchen worktop
A worktop in Lundhs Royal is as visually beauty and practical. It provides you with an easy to clean, heat, stain, scratch, water, UV resistant surface that will last forever.

LUNDHS Ocean cladding
Lundhs Ocean is a perfect project material. The direction of the beautiful feldspar crystals is visible however you cut the stone and the utilization of the material is very high.

LUNDHS Marina terrace outdoor
Complete your exterior scheme with Lundhs Real Stone in different finishes. Outdoors the rough flamed or waterjet surface provides a stunning blend of exceptional high quality and visual beauty.